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Don Ed Hardy was born in South California 1945. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute as well as an honorary doctorate.

Fascinated by the craft since a child, he and his friends experimented with the tattoo medium in koki. Often drawing on each other and creating flash sheets as well as tattoo artist operating cards. From a young age he was tutored and mentored in traditional tattoos at his local neighborhood tattoo parlor.

After varsity he was personally trained and mentored by the legendary tattoo icon Sailor Jerry. In 1973   he travelled to Japan and learnt under the master Horihide. Upon returning home we were well recognized for implementing Japanese techniques and stylization into his American approach.

He has since then released over 25 books on the topic of tattooing, as well as many product lines including apparel, longboards, and perfumes. Although he no longer operates as a tattoo artist, he is still working on his brand and his personal art, opening, and participating in many international galleries. One of these galleries displays his masterpiece 2000 Dragons, where he free-handed over 2000 dragons in paint on a 4x500 foot scroll.

As profession takes a foot, it becomes difficult to recognize a tattoo artist for more than their craft and technical ability. Ed Hardy opens the doors and expresses the artist in the tattoo artist as something more triumphant.

If you are interested in more of his work, please check out his official art website https://donedhardyart.com/paintings/