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Getting a tattoo is an immensely personal experience. And usually, artists aren’t about to judge you for the decision you’re making with your body. There are, however, certain annoying tattoo trends that might make your artists think twice — whether or not they say it to your face.

In general, tattoo artists are interested in creating individual pieces for their clients that showcase the clients’ personality and the artist’s skill and perspective. The piece is a collaboration, and when things end up being annoying on the artist’s side, it’s often due to the fact that the person getting a tattoo isn’t considering this aspect.

“Tattooing and tattoos are so personal, they are meant to be a personal expression of ones self [or one’s] creativity,” “Yet, we have trends that people jump on, and copy, and get tattooed on this basis instead of getting something that truly represents them as a person.” While others won’t mind if you get something decorative, and spur of the moment, rather than something deep and meaningful, many artists do have certain considerations they wish more clients would take into account.

So before you get your next tattoo, consider the artist’s point of view — especially if you’re considering getting something particularly on-trend. They might know more than you about this moment’s craze.