Jade has been artistic since childhood. He majored in art and design in the twelfth grade followed by the AAA advertising college where he studied fine art, graphic design and advertising.  He was also very sports orientated so kept busy on and off the easel.

Thereafter he travelled to Israel ( where he started getting  tattoo art)  and the UK where in London he began his illustrious career in the art of tattooing. Being a busy Capital he was able to learn from many other artists as well as attend a number of different tattoo conventions where he was able to pick up all the ins and outs of the profession.

London was a crazy and busy place back then. Jumping around living in various different suburbs he certainly had a lot of experiences…..wild and sweet, which all added to his charisma and adventurous mindset.

After 4 years overseas he decided to come home to SA. He worked in other studios in Jhb and Pta for another 4 years before opening Jaded Ink. During this time he’d met a number of different people in various different artistic professions. Attending a lot of music events, sporting and extreme sports events and a variety of others Jade immediately made friends with everyone which entailed the beginning of the sponsorships and collaborations.

Other hobbies or activities that Jade does partake in include basketball, boxing, motorcycling, hosting events as a mc, drawing, painting, enjoying quality time with family and friends and being a great father to his 5yr old son.

After 16 years of being a tattoo artist, priorities change, with knowledge and age, through hardship and progression. But there are 2 consistencies, 1 to be better and better day by day in this profession and 2 where the customer is king (maybe not always right) where each and every person has the best possible experience here at Jaded Ink.