From the beginning Jaded Ink has set an unprecedented  standard of professionalism and integrity   throughout everything we do, and we choose to associate ourselves with like-minded individuals. Thus we sponsor and collaborate with those who are in the top of their field. Also obviously  considering what field they are in, in which tattoos are heavily associated with.

These icons are consistently in the public eye. So in general are scrutinized and criticized whenever they perform. But they are role models and mentors to us all, to remind us, that with a bit of hard work and dedication, our dreams can be accomplished. So through them our brand is amplified, as well as  sporting the best ink Jaded has to offer.

As we are a large part of each other’s lives we enjoy supporting our sponsors by going to their events.  Therefore we have a great personal relationship. Also due to the fact of spending a lot of time in the studio getting their ink.

Garreth "Soldierboy" Mclellan

A South African professional mixed martial artist who most recently competed in the Middleweight division of the EFC. A professional since 2009, he was one of the first South African MMA fighters to compete in the UFC.

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Jacques Joubert

Jacques and Jade collaborated on a half body piece of a custom freehand dragon that started in the centre of his back, below his neck, going down the whole left side of his back and onto his ribs, then wrapping around his thigh, down his leg all the way to his ankle.

Michiel "The Dark Horse" Opperman

On Michiel Jade started with the cherry blossom branches at the bottom of his wrist, which is where Michiel thought he was going to stop. He didn’t stop and it graduated to a full sleeve, with some samurai warriors and some koi fish.


Dino "The Lion" Bagattin

Dino is Jaded Ink’s longest standing sponsor, still going, our collaboration started at the beginning of 2012. We started with sleeving his right arm, then a lion on his chest and currently we are busy with his sleeve on his left arm.

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Andrew "One Gear" Van Zyl

Big, heavyweight Andrew Van Zyl, definitely stepped up to the plate as far as tattooing goes. We started with the Hulk and Punisher combo on his ribs, which was big enough to be anyone else’s back piece. We continued onto a half sleeve of King Kong.

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Elvis "The Bomber" Moyo

Our newest fighting sponsor.

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Devin Cronje

Need a write-up here...


Hekkie Budler

A South African professional boxer. He is a two-weight world champion, having held the unified WBA (Super), IBF, and The Ring light-flyweight titles in 2018, and the IBO and WBA minimumweight titles between 2011 and 2016.

Professional Career:

Budler won the vacant IBO minimumweight title with a unanimous decision win over Michael Landero. He then won the vacant WBA minimumweight title with a first-round knockout win over Karluis Diaz. He held the titles until March 2016 when he was defeated by Byron Rojas via unanimous decision.

we are proud to be in collaboration with South Africa’s most decorated fighter, it is a privilege and an honor.

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One Day Remains

Performed at the Oasis Cokefest as well as a number of other events. A heavy rock band.

This is Jadedink’s first band that we sponsored, which introduced us to the local music scene. We would trade ink for publicity on all their social media platforms as well as being in the public eye to promote us.

One Day Remains also performed at Jaded Ink’s body art fashion show at the Barnyard Theatre, where over 500 people attended

The band also recorded a music video in the Jaded Ink studio, which featured Brandon Auret and Jade. They also wrote and recorded a song for Jaded, about tattooing.


Urban Reign

Hip hop/R&B, performed at Jaded Ink’s body art fashion show at the Barnyard Theatre

This was a new genre of music for Jaded to get involved in, this expanded our market to a different audience. In addition we were also involved with their music video, as well as collaborated in a number of events where they performed and we tattooed.

Evolver One

An alternative rock band established in PE in 2001 as Evolver, renamed as Evolver One in 2010, thought by many to be one of the top bands of their time, and Jaded was proud to be associated with them.



A heavy metal band, stereotypically associated with tattoos. They were the opening act for the Metallica concert at FNB stadium.

Seven Year Kismet

A heavy metal UK based band, who sourced us while in the UK through various acquaintances and while they were touring SA, they came to get tattooed by Jaded Ink.

Checkout 7YK's Track: Video 6


Brent Harris - Just Jinjer

Drummer for Just Jinger, one of SA’s most influential bands of all time. The musicians in the band are some of the most seasoned in their professions and Brent is one of Jaded Ink’s longest standing sponsorships. Jade and Brent have collaborated on a number of different events. Brent also started his own brand “Brent Harris and Thee Jam” with which he sources musicians to play in different events.

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