There are dozens of types of ear piercings, so if you haven’t found a location that matches what you want, go ahead and ask a piercer about it..

One of the reasons a lip piercing is always such a popular choice is thanks to the sheer amount of style options available and ways to customize them.

Facial piercings are among the most prominent piercings that you can get and these piercings will be immediately noticeable.

Oral piercings are cosmetic piercings of the oral cavity for the insertion of objects such as rings, studs or pins where both ends of the jewelry are confined to the mouth.

It was at the age of 17 that I discovered what piercing was and that I wanted to do it. At the time I didn’t care to go to a reputable studio and get the piercing done properly, all I cared about was piercing my helix with my mother's sewing needle that I had burnt black with a lighter before sticking it through my ear. Funny thing is, it’s did not go right through immediately, it seared its way halfway into my ear before coming to a halt. I then proceeded to do the whole burn sewing needle black, push into existing stinging hole and proceed to push again. Once through, I then put in a piece of cheap jewelry.

This all lasted a total of 5 days before I went to a reputable studio in the East Rand Galleria at the time. Al, the piercer at the time, explained everything to me with regards to what I had done wrong and why. He also explained the procedure that a Body Piercer needed to follow when doing the piercing and what the client (Me) had to do to look after the piercing and make sure it heals perfectly. I was captivated by everything that was involved and wanted the opportunity to learn a skill that you can travel with.

My opportunity came when I 5 months after I was out of Matric. The owner of the studio I had enquired at gave me the opportunity to come in and see if it is really what I wanted to do. I started off as any apprentice does in the beginning, I was the scrub maid, the coffee maker, food runner etc. I didn’t mind though, because through it all, I got to ask questions, watch what was being done, and learn from an experienced Body Piercer who had apprenticed under the pioneer of piercing Eddie Graham, in a profession that was growing rapidly in South Africa at the time.

I got given my opportunity a year into my apprenticeship, after doing numerous practice piercings on friends and family, to finally do my very first piercing, which was a tongue piercing. It was daunting as all hell, nerves running through my entire body making me feel like I was going to explode. Once I had done the piercing and the client was walking out with a smile on their face, I got that sensation that ran through my body of this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

It was with a sad heart that I had to take a sabbatical from piercing, a vocation I had seen myself doing for the rest of my life, because of irreparable differences between myself and the Studio I was working at, at the time.

5 and a half years ago I was granted the opportunity again to get back into the industry, and I grabbed it with both hands. I have been fortunate enough to work with great artists as well as learn from experienced piercers over the last 5 and a half years. I am the proud owner of Modified Monkey, a company that has taken dedication, hard work and help from friends and family in the business.

I am now based inside the awesome Jaded Ink, with a vibrant and amazing crew that has welcomed me with open arms. I specialize in Daith piercings and I am always up for an ear project or two.


Men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage...

... They’ve experienced pain and bought jewelry.