Jaded Ink

Jaded Ink is leading the movement in making tattoo art an everyday form of self-expression, used as a statement of individual style. Equipped with the finest ink and tools, housing several award-winning artists, our goal is to create a personalised customer experience, by creating a meaningful mark that is just for you.


The Shop



“Jade is an amazing artist, made my tattoo such an epic experience!”

Damian Cappie Schmidt

“All my tattoos done by Jade are fantastic and seem to only get better with time! Thank you for all the time you took for my most recent tattoo to design it exactly how I wanted and many hours of hard work to complete it!”

Carol Cox

"When a tattoo studio feels like home because the owners and staff make you feel super welcome. The talent lurking behind the needles is top class."

Jean-Pierre Van Hell

"Jade has done an incredible job of finishing my sleeve. I won’t go to anyone else. The vibe at Jaded Ink is awesome as well, especially at their new shop."

Lisa Casson